Property for sale in Torrevieja is one of the most attractive one in the south of the Mediterranean coast. Torrevieja is one of the largest urban centers in the Spanish province of Alicante, located in the heart of the Costa Blanca. In addition to geographical advantages and comfortable living in a city, you can easily choose real estate in Torrevieja inexpensively, which distinguishes this resort and the entire Costa Blanca from the rest of Spain.

Investors from around the world tend to buy real estate in Torrevieja because the English-speaking diaspora is very numerous in this city. As you know, property prices on Costa Blanca are among the lowest in Spain, and Torrevieja is one of the most popular coastal cities in the context of buying real estate.

Torrevieja is characterized by very favorable climatic conditions: 320 days of sunshine a year, beautiful beaches with white sand and large salt lakes, which properties are rightly considered to be medicinal.
In Torrevieja, English-speakers feel as if they were at home because, in most shops, cafes, and restaurants, sellers and consultants perfectly understand the English language. The city is perfect for a quiet family holiday. Transport infrastructure is also good here.
The distance to the nearest airport, which is located in Alicante, is less than an hour drive — only 40 kilometers. Taking into account all these factors, it becomes clear why wealthy people from different countries are interested in buying property in Torrevieja.

property for sale in torrevieja
Buying a home has never been so affordable in Spain property for sale in Torrevieja.
The average price per square metre closed December at 1,779 euros, a low figure that was only lower in the summer of 2020.
Likewise, the Euribor, the index that determines the cost of mortgages, closed the year in negative with its historic low: -0.497%.
As a result, bargains in the property market are proliferating, although you can always go one step further in terms of savings by
buying property for sale in Torrevieja.
Property sales prices in Spain have risen by 0.4 per cent in January while prices in Alicante are one of the areas that has not risen.
Alicante is one of the areas that has not registered a rise. Among them is the variety of detached and semi-detached villas for sale.
We have compiled below the most interesting properties for sale in terms of value for money.

All of them can be consulted in the catalogue of the real estate agency Properties Vitania home solutions:

Location Price m2 mar 2021 Monthly variation Quarterly variation Annual variation Historical maximum Maximum Variation Maximum variation
Alicante/Alacant 1,623 €/m2 + 1.3 % + 0.7 % + 3.8 % 1,975 €/m2 Feb 2006 – 17.8 % 1,975 €/m2 Feb 2006 – 17.8 % 1,975 €/m2 Feb 2006 – 17.8 % 1,975 €/m2 Feb 2006 – 17.8
Alicante / Alacant 1.497 €/m2 + 0,3 % – 0,1 % – 0,8 % 1.855 €/m2 May 2007 – 19,3 % 1.855 €/m2 May 2007 – 19,3 % 1.975 €/m2 Feb 2006 – 19,3

Budget square meter cost large villas Alicante
Square metres Price
House of 50 m2 Between 35.000 € and 60.000 €.
House of 70 m2 Between 49.000 € and 84.000 €.
House of 100 sqm Between 70.000 € and 120.000 €.
House of 150 m2 Between 105.000 € and 180.000 €